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The land bonds people together, there is no doubt. That sense of belonging combined with a firm and committed environmental awareness, brought the Sendas de Arnua team together around a bonfire in order to come up with an entrepreneurial project – after long conversations and not with some working sessions – so we could promote our community interests, preserve its culture and traditions, and actively collaborate in the conservation of the natural environment.

On this basis, we wanted to provide tourist experiences that bring us “back to the origins”  so that our ancestors’ culture is disseminated and enhanced. This is how the world will learn about our present and past tie with our land and in this way our actions can be part of the social awareness of the difficulties rural communities are facing.

Sendas de Arnua is clearly committed to creating an ecotourism model with implicit care for the environment and its locals, that is, to reconnect people with the territory and the different sustainable ways of life found in the rural areas.

Our commitment to this setting also includes cleaning and maintenance work, animal welfare, cultural dissemination, and the establishment of a business network that fosters job creation at rural centers through training and employability in order to avoid the rural population drift.

Our company’s pledge to local talent is clear and for this reason, our first-choice safari guide comes from the area where the activity takes place. But that’s not all, we also aim to boost the local economy by creating out-of-the-box experiences involving talented people who are at risk to disappear due to their nature, such as cheesemakers, shepherds, experts in traditional culture, finish carpenters, etc.

We want to be true to our philosophy and, to do so, sustainability is key to our project. Therefore, we set our minds to improving our work continuously and gradually so that our care-for-nature-related quality standards are always kept to an optimal level over the years. Thus we do our best to reduce the amount of waste from our products and activities as much as possible by using reusable and/or recyclable elements manufactured in an environmentally friendly way.

Natichu Alvarado

Founding member, CFO

Sierra Jacobs

Founding member, Coordinator

Pelayo García

Founding member, COO

Jorge Escanciano

Founding member

Ruben Sánchez

Founding member, CEO

Key people

We are a compendium of complementary training and different working backgrounds that makes it possible to tackle this project from very diverse approaches. People with a sound knowledge of the Riaño and Mampodre Mountains and their livelihood; we all share deep respect towards this exceptional environment that has seen our growth while we were witnessing its transformation over the years.

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