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You choose the dates, and we take care of the rest based on your interests.

We have the perfect place to turn your experience into an adventure in the middle of nature with the magic of those settlers who lived in our villages hundreds of years ago, surrounded by holly mountains and endless forests that provide countless options.

A sustainable company takes into consideration multiple aspects that go from the well-being of its employees, the quality of its products, the source of inputs, to the environmental impact of its activities, without neglecting the effects caused by its products and waste. In other words, we care about the social and economic impact produced by our activity and commit to the social and financial development of our community.

Sendas de Arnua sticks to this principle with all the experiences we deliver and to this end, we are committed to create a unique experience which is focused on the client’s satisfaction through the creativity applied to our environment so that you have an outstandingly singular journey.

If you want to know more about our tailor-made private experiences, please, contact us.