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Terms and Conditions



Any incidents or complaints occurred during or after the service delivery must be reported to the company via e-mail at info@sendasdearnua.com within the 24 following hours.


1. Termination of the combined journey contract by the traveler.

The combined journey contract could be terminated by the traveler anytime before the trip starts.   


Cancellation rights apply up to 14 days before the activity starts.

For 14 days, travelers are entitled to terminate their combined trip contract without further justification.


Cancellation procedure is as follows:

Clients should send a formal notice in writing via email or WhatsApp a.s.a.p. stating their intention to cancel.


Penalties for cancelling are as follows:

  • 14 days before the trip starts, the fee is fully refundable and no penalties apply.
  • Within 14 days in advance from the scheduled trip: the fee is not refundable, however you can ask to reschedule your journey (based on availability).
  • No refund can be expected if a notice of your intention to benefit from the cancellation right is not sent and/or you don’t turn up on the day you make the journey.
  • The traveler may terminate the contract without any penalties and with the right to refunds of any amount paid (although no other compensation will be made) in situations involving unavoidable and exceptional circumstances in the destination or in its immediate vicinity which significantly affect the execution of the combined journey or the transport of passengers to the destination. Such circumstances involve situations that are beyond the control of the person claiming those situations, the consequences of which, in spite of the exercise of all due care, could not have been avoided.

Providing that these are not physical products but touristic services, the cancellation right does not involve any shipping charges of any kind.

2. Cancellation of the combined journey contract by the organizing company or, where appropriate, by the retailer.  

In this case, the contract may be terminated and the traveler will be reimbursed with the full amount although the organizing company will not be held liable for paying any additional compensation to the traveler if the cancellation is because:

  • It is due to the fact that the number of persons registered for the combined journey is lower than the minimum specified in the contract and thus communicated by the organizing company or, when appropriate, the retailer, to the traveler before the deadline set in the contract for this purpose, up to 48 hours before the departure.
  • The organizing company is unable to execute the contract due to unavoidable and exceptional circumstances and the cancellation is communicated to the traveler without undue delay before the start of the combined journey.  

In these cases, refunds of any amount paid by the traveler for the combined journey (except for the corresponding penalties, if any) will be made by the organizing company or, when appropriate, the retailer:

  • Without any undue delay, and
  • At any rate, the refund must be made within 14 days following termination of the combined journey contract.

3. Payment/Collection Accountability.

Sendas de Arnua S.L. makes available the following payment methods:

  • Bank Transfer.
  • Virtual TPV.

Sendas de Arnua S.L. takes responsibility for monitoring, accepting, and controlling all financial transactions.

Concerning TPV Virtual, we contracted TPV REDSYS with Banco Santander. This TPV guarantees that data from cards used as a payment method could NOT be known or stored by Sendas de Arnua SL. When an economic transaction begins, the customer will be redirected to a secure external webpage hosted by Banco Santander/REDSYS TPV.

On top of this, our website has enabled SSL/HTTPS, that is, the data entered in our website comply with both securely encrypted data protocols.

Online booking through www.sendasdearnua.com and over the telephone booking on +34 616 43 49 76 are available.

Bookings are subject to seat and date availability.

For each journey, there is a maximum of 5 seats available. For larger groups, please contact us on 616 43 49 76 or send us an email to info@sendasdearnua.com.

Conditions for the Safari experience at Anciles Valley

The tour will proceed on time at the scheduled time of your reservation. Clients must be ready at the departure point 15 minutes before the exact pickup time. No refunds are made to clients that are not at the departure time. Furthermore, your safari time will be lost without a chance to lodge any complaints.

The minimum height requirement is 125 cm/49.21 inches tall and for people who are between 125 cm/49.21 and 150 cm/59 inches tall, a booster will be provided in compliance with legal requirements.

Please, check with us before booking the vehicle’s full capacity when minors are involved.

The size of the vehicle seats is standard so please contact us on the phone or via email to learn about our conditions in case of special requirements.

The organizing company reserves the right to refuse admission.

Clients must follow the guide’s directions, the safety and environment preservation rules all the time throughout the journey.

Due to the tour nature, clients will sign a disclaimer before the journey starts.

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