#Safari #Wildlife #Landscapes #Bisons

Valley of Anciles Safari

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#Safari #Wildlife #Landscapes #Bisons

Valley of Anciles Safari

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#Safari #Wildlife #Landscapes #Bisons

Valley of Anciles Safari

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#Safari #Wildlife #Landscapes #Bisons

Valley of Anciles Safari

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#Safari #Wildlife #Landscapes #Bisons

Valley of Anciles Safari

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The magical valley

The Anciles Valley is home to one of the most beautiful and remote spots in the Riaño Mountains: Limestone mountains, beech woods, wild fauna, and one of the firsts European Bison Reserves where bisons live at semi-open regime, i.e., they are free in a 500-hectare enclosed area. Bisons live mixed with other wild local fauna without hardly any human intervention. Running into them in this vast area is very unlikely, however, every encounter is experienced as a trip back to the Old Stone Age.

For this safari, we will drive a 7-seat 4-wheel-drive vehicle from the Riaño town. Then, we will head for the Anciles Valley going through Liegos, a beautiful town, from which we will go into the San Pelayo Valley. Beech and oak woods and mountains in an unspoiled nature will lead us to the entrance to the Anviles Valley, where our adventure will begin.

The journey (departing from Riaño) lasts about 3 hours and a half and it is designed for very small groups (3-5 people at most). Due to the high demand, we recommend booking as early as possible.

During the booking process, you can choose to book the whole vehicle (up to 5 persons) for a private experience, with a discount that applies when selecting the 5 seats. 

Considering how delicate these ecosystems are and how necessary it is for us to preserve the Anciles Valley at its best, Sendas Arnua S.L., along with the Riaño Municipality and Fundación Valle del Bisonte, collaborates with the maintenance and management work of this Nature Reserve. Sendas Arnua S.L. is the only company authorized to conduct tours/safaris in the Anciles Valley.

Experience details

Place of departure/arrival: Riaño (León)

Duration: 3,5 hours

Small groups (5 persons maximum).

1 Tour from Tuesday to Friday, 2 Tours from Saturday to Sunday.
First tour: 08:00h
Second tour: 16:00h

What to bring:
This safari is conducted inside the vehicle mainly, with occasional stops in which we will be able to get down and enjoy without moving away from the car. We highly recommend wearing comfortable clothing and being eager to enjoy :).

Price: 65€ per person. Each tour requires a minimum of 3 bookings, otherwise, it would be cancelled and all the fees will be refunded.


¿Should I bring my own water bottle?

We recommend bringing a water bottle. There are no water fountains nor natural springs during the tour.

What if there are not enough people for a tour?

All the regular safaris depart from Riaño every day at 11h and 16h (from July to September), however, each tour requires a minimum of 3 bookings, otherwise, it would be cancelled and all the fees will be refunded. Please, visit our Legal Terms and Conditions here to know about the refunding process.

¿Are there any WC we can use during the tour?

Based on the nature of this safari, there is not any WC available during the tour currently.

Will animals be visible for sure?

The Anciles fauna, including the so-called Pottoka horses and bisons, are found at a territory which, given its large size, occasionally they may not be spotted easily. We cannot guarantee you will see bisons, Pottoka horses, and other wild fauna, such as chamois, deers, Spanish ibexes, etc.

On the other hand and depending on the weather conditions, it might be more difficult to spot fauna at a long distance.

At any rate, you will enjoy the views of a stunning landscape during the journey and the valley itself is worth visiting, even if we cannot spot larger fauna.


The safari runs through real landscapes with wild fauna and therefore we cannot guarantee what animals and weather will be like, nonetheless we will do our best to make the most out of every tour always.

Based on the Valley nature, frequently we can encounter fauna, and guides may have an approximate idea of where bisons are at any time, so they will do their best to take you there to see them.

Are bisons dangerous animals?

The Anciles bisons live at a semi-open regime and may be dangerous to people. Their behavior can be unpredictable many times and therefore it is recommended to keep a safe distance of 20 meters or more.

Some of the collaborators of Sendas de Arnua and Fundación Valle del Bisonte have been taking care of the European Bison for years and they are familiar with their behavior and needs, but it does not mean that we can neglect the security perimeter.

It is highly important to respect the tranquility of the animals and environment, so we will try to keep the maximum safe distance and be as quiet as possible during the tours.

Based on the guide’s criteria, it could be possible to get out of the car at different points of the route in order to see and take pictures of animals and landscapes more freely while bearing in mind that safety comes first.

¿Can I access the reserve on my own car?

Access to the Valley of Anciles is not allowed without authorization, both for private vehicles and other companies. These restrictions are imposed by the City Council of Riaño and the Junta de Castilla y León.

On the other hand, access to the reserve can be dangerous for people due to the presence of wild animals. Therefore, any person who accesses the premises without authorization must do so at their own risk.

Only the ¨Valle del Bisonte Foundation¨ and Sendas de Arnua have the rights reserved for the complete management of the reserve in the Valle de Anciles.